Washington’s 1st renewable hydrogen project

Washington’s 1st Renewable Hydrogen Project

BEF, Douglas County Public Utility District, Twin Transit, Toyota, and the Renewable Hydrogen Alliance collaborated on pairing the first renewable hydrogen production in the region with the first fleet of zero emission fuel cell electric vehicles. The team worked to secure nearly $6 million in public and private funding to deliver two fueling stations that can serve these vehicles. The renewable hydrogen will be sourced from a new electrolyzer plant, owned by Douglas PUD. The goal of the project will be to demonstrate the viability of this zero emission transportation option and increase exposure and understanding of the benefits that renewable hydrogen can have in a clean energy system. 

Project Benefits

Fuel cell electric vehicles are a proven technology but face early barriers to adoption from high infrastructure costs. Early demonstrations and public investments in this zero emission transportation infrastructure can open up new options for decarbonization and provide zero emission vehicles across various duty sectors, from passenger cars to aviation. Not only can hydrogen serve the transportation sector but it can fill a critical role for energy storage and the decarbonization of the industrial sector, such as fertilizer, steel refining, and chemical processing. 

What’s next for the Hydrogen

The team will continue to plan and advance fueling infrastructure in Washington, and work with stakeholders to help plan for affordable and reliable zero emission energy and transportation systems.