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Revitalizing critical watersheds takes collective, sustained effort. We build capacity for the long run.

We champion an integrated, community-based, whole watershed approach to overcome barriers to restoring freshwater ecosystems.

BEF is a trusted advisor and funder to a wide range of foundations, watershed organizations, community groups, government agencies, tribal nations, and water stewardship nonprofits. Our partners count on us to bring adaptive approaches, unbiased expertise, and a deep understanding of how to leverage resources and relationships to build much-needed capacity to restore watersheds. So can you.

What We Do

Restore watersheds with local communities

Support sustained watershed resiliency

Leverage resources and relationships

Evaluate project and systems impact

Exchange ideas and best practices

Engage new audiences

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Our Approach 

By honoring all voices and perspectives on the ground, BEF brings public, private, and policy interests together to achieve equitable environmental benefits for people and water. 

What We’ve Learned 
  • Goals should be long-term and consider how social and environmental conditions may change in the future.
  • Watershed initiatives that are grounded in diverse local values are more likely to gain traction and succeed.
  • Resources matter – groups must have the human and financial capital they need to sustain capacity.
  • Collaboration thrives in a climate of openness, curiosity, and shared experience from other relationships and places.
  • Continuous improvement is a smarter approach for long-term success. Learn by doing, and adjust based on feedback received.

Explore how we can work together to revitalize and sustain your vital freshwater resources.

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