Carbon Offsets

Carbon Solutions Overview

You promised to make the world a better place. We can help.

We help businesses of every size in every sector achieve their unique climate goals.

Our partners trust BEF’s knowledgeable staff to craft high-quality, verified carbon offset solutions that thoughtfully balance project types, impact, location, and cost. Together, we can maximize your return on impact within your budget to create a healthier planet.

Our High-Quality Carbon Offset Portfolio

Forest Conservation and Restoration

Invest in natural climate solutions.

Regenerative Agriculture

Reduce carbon by working with ranchers, farmers, and nature.


Bring clean energy to communities.


Capture waste to reduce the effects of climate change.

The BEF Difference

Our partners choose BEF because we care, we listen, and we respond. We promise to provide unparalleled customer service, knowledgeable industry expertise, and solutions that deliver more than just carbon.


Your Investment Goes Further with BEF

Every offset you buy from BEF does more than just neutralize your carbon footprint. Each offset purchase supports BEF’s mission to restore freshwater ecosystems, prepare the next generation for clean energy jobs, and catalyze a clean energy future for all.

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