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Innovative companies trust BEF to provide verified, high-quality water projects that balance their water footprint, gallon-for-gallon.

Our WRCs® can help your brand make a water claim on product packaging or achieve B-Corporation or LEED® certification. Together we can improve rivers, wetlands, meadows, and groundwater across North America.

BEF WRCs Improve and Restore Water for People and Nature

Restore Flows

Helps secure legal agreements to keep water in streams and rivers. Protects water to ensure environmental and social benefits.

Restore Natural Systems

Supports interventions to return freshwater systems to their natural functions (or hydrology). Provides cleaner, more abundant water and improves habitat in meadows, wetlands, and rivers.

Improve Efficiency

Helps improve conservation to use water more efficiently in cities or on farms. Modernizes outdated systems to stop leaks and wasted water.

The BEF Difference

Our partners choose BEF because we have the country’s first and most established product to make your water journey possible and positive. Our WRCs are third-party verified, tracked, and registered so you never have to worry about the quality of your impact or investment.

infographic. Water Restoration Certificate.

Your Investment Goes Further with BEF

Every WRC you buy from BEF does more than just support water restoration. Each WRC purchase supports BEF’s mission to restore freshwater ecosystems, prepare the next generation for clean energy jobs, and catalyze a clean energy future for all.

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