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a national freshwater restoration campaign

Change the Course is a national freshwater restoration campaign led by BEF, National Geographic and Participant Media focused initially on the Colorado River Basin. As of March 2015, the campaign has engaged myriad companies, universities and professional sports teams as sponsors and campaign partners. It has also inspired more than 100,000 individuals around the world to make the free pledge to conserve water, effectively restoring more than 100 million gallons of water to the Colorado River Basin.


how Change the Course works

the problem:

Less than 1% of the planet’s water is fresh and accessible. And throughout the world thousands of miles of overtapped rivers and streams are drying up, threatening critical habitats and water vital to industry, agriculture, economic development and recreation. The iconic Colorado River, pictured here, is so heavily dammed, diverted and depleted that in most years it no longer reaches the sea.


an innovative solution:

It doesn’t have to be this way. National Geographic, BEF and Participant Media have teamed up to create Change the Course, an innovative freshwater restoration campaign designed to redefine how we value, use and manage freshwater. With the support of corporate sponsors, every individual’s pledge to conserve water made at will be matched with 1,000 gallons restored to the Colorado River Basin.


anticipated results:

Through a robust consumer engagement campaign directed by Participant Media and National Geographic, Change the Course aims to attract hundreds of thousands of pledges to conserve. Targeted restoration projects managed by BEF aim to restore approximately 4 billion gallons of water by the end of 2015 to critically dewatered rivers and streams from the headwaters to the Delta.


sponsorship opportunities

Several sponsorship levels are available, providing sponsors with invaluable exposure via this first-of-its-kind national campaign. Sponsors enjoy access to highly effective engagement tools to activate employees and customers via email, web promotions and social media. Download our sponsor packet or schedule a consultation to learn more. Download our sponsor packet now >>



campaign partners:

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BEF brings 15+ years experience in freshwater restoration expertise, including developing the innovative Water Restoration Certificate®, the first market based product that allows businesses and individuals to balance their water footprint by restoring an equal amount to critically dewatered rivers and streams. Learn more about BEF now >>


National Geographic logo
With its unmatched storytelling expertise, innovative public engagement tools, and a focus on freshwater efforts, National Geographic is a vital Change the Course partner. Through its freshwater portal, National Geographic offers rich content and tools, including short-form video, articles and photo galleries to share the on-the-ground stories of river restoration. Go to the Freshwater Portal now >>



Participant Media is a global entertainment company founded by Jeff Skoll that brought you the film, Last Call at the Oasis.  The Social Action campaign in connection with the film is Change the Course which aims to build a community of engaged consumers through robust social media and on-the-ground engagement channels, with the goal of attracting, educating and engaging millions of consumers worldwide. Go to the campaign website now >>