Change the Course Campaign Sponsorship



a national freshwater restoration campaign

Change the Course brings together the public, corporations, and on-the-ground conservation organizations to raise awareness about freshwater, reduce water footprints, and restore flows and health to vital freshwater ecosystems.

For every personal pledge to conserve, Change the Course returns 1,000 gallons to an ecosystem in need. Corporate partners underwrite the restoration projects, which are teed-up with on-the-ground conservation partners. It’s a virtuous cycle of education, conservation and restoration – and it’s working.


how Change the Course works

the challenge:

Water is one of the planet’s greatest gifts. We owe everything to the sun-powered water cycle – from the diversity of life to the water that sustains our families and economies. Our use and management of water have disrupted critical parts of this cycle. We have depleted rivers, wetlands and groundwater reserves, creating uncertainty about our ability to meet the water, food and material needs of our growing population.


the opportunity:

Water security depends on meeting the needs of both people and ecosystems. Success requires two things: shrinking our collective human water footprint and replenishing depleted rivers, streams and wetlands.


proof of concept:

Change the Course was piloted in the Colorado River Basin. By the conclusion of the 3-year pilot, over 130,000 individuals made a pledge to conserve water, and over 2 dozen corporate sponsors joined the movement. As a result, over four billion gallons of water were restored to depleted rivers and streams from the headwaters in the Rockies to the delta in Mexico.

Change the Course is building a movement by engaging the public and the business community in reducing water footprints and returning water to nature. For every personal pledge to conserve, Change the Course returns 1,000 gallons to ecosystems in need. With support from our corporate sponsors, we partner with on-the-ground conservation groups to fund innovative projects that restore water and enhance water security.


sponsorship opportunities

Change the Course has two primary goals: Inspire People and Restore Water. To learn how your company or organization can play a part in this water stewardship movement, please contact us for a complimentary consultation and ask us about emerging project opportunities in Texas, Georgia, Florida, the Rio Grande, the Midwest and Northeast, as well as in the Colorado River Basin and other parts of the West.  Download our sponsor packet or schedule a consultation to learn more. Download our sponsor packet now >>


For more information and to see Change the Course in action visit the Change the Course website.

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