NHL Celebrates Environmental Sustainability: League establishes first-ever NHL Green Week
03/11/16—— The National Hockey League announced today  the commencement of the first-ever NHL Green™ Week, celebrating the League’s commitment to environmental sustainability. From March 12-18, the NHL® and its clubs will showcase their greening programs and initiatives that are reducing the League’s overall environmental impact, while calling on fans and partners to accelerate the movement toward a healthier planet. Read full Story


Chevrolet Successfully Completes Historic Carbon Reduction Initiative; Achieves Largest North American Environmental Carbon Reduction Program to Date
11/19/15—SACRAMENTO BEE— Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) announces that it has successfully helped Chevrolet achieve its five-year Carbon Reduction Initiative (CRI) goal to reduce greenhouse gas (measured as carbon dioxide or CO2) emissions on behalf of the environment. To date, Chevrolet has invested approximately $40 million in carbon-reducing projects in communities across the country. As a result, BEF successfully retired 8,068,681 metric tons of carbon reductions on behalf of Chevrolet, surpassing an 8 million ton goal. This is equivalent to planting a forest the size of Yellowstone National Park. Read full Story


Groundbreaking State Law Tested in Colorado Headwaters Stream
09/21/15—VOICES.NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM—The infamous use-it-or lose-it rule is arguably the biggest barrier to water conservation and river-flow restoration in the western United States. It basically says that if anyone holding water rights does not put them to full use, the unused portion can be taken away and allocated to serve the needs of another water user. Historically, using a water right to keep a river flowing for fish or the health of the ecosystem was not considered a “beneficial use” of water, and therefore could result in losing that water right. Perversely, the use-it-or-lose-it principle gives water rights holders an incentive to waste water so that they don’t risk losing any of their increasingly valuable water rights. Bit by bit, however, new state laws and innovative projects are chipping away at this outdated rule, and keeping rivers flowing for fish, wildlife and local communities. Read full Story


Change the Course: Lessons from a water stewardship movement
09/10/15—GREENBIZ.COM—We’re not going to pull any punches. We’re building a water stewardship movement, and we hope you’ll join us. More than 130,000 people and 22 companies already have. Our goal is nothing less than to change the way society uses, manages and values freshwater. By now most of us have heard the pronouncement “water is the new oil.” But in fact, it’s so much more. Water is the basis not only of our economies, but of life itself. As demands bump up against the limits of a finite supply, rivers are running dry, lakes are shrinking and groundwater is being depleted. From California to China to Brazil, severe droughts have forced curtailments of water deliveries. This year, for the first time, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, ranked water crises as the No. 1 global threat. Read full Story


Land, Air, and Now Water: TerraPass Expanding Its Portfolio Thanks to a Strategic Alliance with Bonneville Environmental Foundation
07/29/15—TERRAPASS THE FOOTPRINT BLOG—Terrapass, a leader in sustainable carbon emissions solutions, is pleased to announce that not only do we help reduce the effects of climate change with our carbon offset and renewable energy credits, but we will also be able to help preserve and restore important water ways vital to our planet. This is all thanks to a new partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). As the creator and exclusive provider of BEF Water Restoration Certificates (WRCs®), BEF seeks to restore and preserve freshwater ecosystems by balancing customers’ environmental impact with creative water solutions. In addition to an array of carbon offset products for businesses and individuals, TerraPass customers can now minimize their water footprint by purchasing BEF Water Restoration Certificates® (BEF WRCs®) on the new web portal.  Read full Story


Students Sail into Lessons on Solar Power
06/16/15—INSIDE VANCOUVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS—Ethan danced as an overcast morning gave way to just enough light to allow the solar-powered boat he’d built with his classmate Brandy to pull ahead in the race. When his boat reached the end of the three-lane track first, the sun wasn’t the only thing beaming. For Ethan and his fellow fifth-graders at Peter S. Ogden Elementary, joyful learning was the order of the day as they gathered near the playground on June 11 to test the seaworthiness of their vessels.The project originated in teacher Carol Patrick’s class, but the other two fifth-grade classes also got a chance to learn about solar power, physics and astronomy as they made their own miniature boats and cars. Read full Story


Shining Some Light on the Science of Solar Power
02/04/15—THE MODESTO BEE—Twenty teachers eager to bring hands-on energy experiments into their classrooms spent a day trying them out and jotting down lecture notes for when they fly solo. The daylong training came about with nonprofit groups’ expertise, county office coordination and community cash. Twenty classroom kits filled with tiny solar cells, volt and amp readers, and solar car kits, valued at $750 each, are going back to campuses around Stanislaus County with the teachers. Trainers from Solar Schoolhouse and Solar 4R Schools, the programs of two nonprofits, laid out the lessons to teach with the kits.  Read full Story


Golf Gives Back: Participants Take ‘Change the Course’ Freshwater Conservation Pledge at Waste Management Phoenix Open
01/30/15—NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM—At this week’s Waste Management Phoenix Open (WMPO), the golf community and fans of the game supported Change the Course, a freshwater restoration movement, by taking a free pledge to reduce personal water consumption and restore water to the Colorado River Basin. Pledges now number nearly 96,000.To encourage pledges at the WMPO, Change the Course, spearheaded by the National Geographic Society, Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Participant Media, hosted an interactive experience called “Life Without Water Is Awkward.” Tournament host The Thunderbirds and Waste Management, the WMPO’s title sponsor, invited Change the Course to create the on-site opportunity for attendees to visualize life without fresh water.  Read full Story


Climate Neutral Business Network and Bonneville Environmental Foundation Announce Innovative Greenhouse Gas Reductions Among 11 U.S. Colleges and Universities
10/22/14—JUSTMEANS.COM—Corporate sustainability goals are now fueling higher education campus sustainability efforts by providing a new category of certified carbon credits resulting from campus energy efficiency projects. Working on behalf of Chevrolet and its Chevrolet Carbon Reduction Initiative, Portland-based Climate Neutral Business Network (CNBN) and Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) are facilitating the first-ever sales of certified carbon credits generated from campus energy efficiency and clean energy use, including those from Portland State University and Southern Oregon University.  Read full Story


A Flood of Support: WhiteWave partners with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to restore the Colorado River basin
05/06/14—THEGRAZINGMIND.COM—The river: it is society’s source of drinking water, a habitat for fish and wildlife, and crucial for agriculture and economic development. Take, for instance, the Colorado River, which flows right here in our backyard (ok, well almost…). The Colorado River provides drinking water to 36 million people and is the irrigation source for more than 5.5 million acres of farmland across seven states. Additionally, hydroelectric facilities along the river generate more than 4,200 million megawatts of generating capacity, helping to meet the power needs of the West and offset the use of fossil fuels. However, many of the world’s largest rivers, including the Colorado River, are so over-tapped by humans that they discharge little or no water to the sea, for months at a time. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and a coalition of groups to address the growing issue of freshwater scarcity in the United States.   Read full Story


Ted’s Montana Grill and WhiteWave Foods Adopt Unique Approach to Corporate Water Stewardship—Companies expand commitment to support three new projects in Colorado River Basin
04/23/14—CSR NEWSWIRE—BEF today announced Ted’s Montana Grill and WhiteWave Foods have, for the first time, pooled resources to help address the growing issue of freshwater scarcity in the United States. Facilitated through BEF’s Water Restoration Certificate® Program, the commitment by these three companies supports three new flow restoration projects in the Colorado River Basin—a region that represents one of the most complex and endangered water systems in the United States. This collective action approach aims to improve the long-term economic and environmental health of the Colorado River Basin and reflects a breakthrough approach to corporate water stewardship. Read full press release


Young Farmer Saves Water in Innovative Ways: Zach Hauser makes a mark in Arizona’s picturesque Verde Valley
03/13/14—NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM—On a cold and dry December Friday, Zach Hauser is getting ready for a weekend of hunting. The next morning at about 4 a.m., he and a handful of friends will make a nearly three-hour uphill trek into the Arizona woods. There they will tread quietly looking for elk and whitetail deer. On occasion, they come across a mountain lion. Read full story


Help Return the Colorado River to the Sea
02/24/14—NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WATER CURRENTS BLOG—Imagine if one day you couldn’t get home. Your journey stopped short of where you were supposed to be. That’s the story of the iconic Colorado River, which sculpted the Grand Canyon and today sustains 30 million people, but now stops flowing 90 miles before reaching the sea, its final destination. Read full story and watch video


“Ditch Boss” Helps Keep a Thirsty River Flowing: Frank Geminden restores balance to Arizona’s parched Verde River
02/27/14—NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.COM—In mid-January Frank Geminden was picking the pecans off his 150 trees in central Arizona. First there was the shaking, with the fallen shells going through a machine to crack them open. Then came the shelling and sorting, and the bagging. Read full story


In the Yampa River, Extra Flow Makes for Happier Fish
02/24/14—NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WATER CURRENTS BLOG—Back in late June 2012, the Yampa River – a beautiful Colorado River tributary that runs through the heart of Steamboat Springs, Colorado – was flowing at 5 percent of normal. Both the native whitefish population and the recreational trout fishery were threatened due to the river’s low levels of oxygen and its warmer temperatures. Read full story and watch video


Defending a Western River With Art and Collaboration: Kirk Klancke has watched over Colorado’s Fraser River for decades
02/12/14—NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM—In the small town of Fraser, Colorado, a bronze Dwight D. Eisenhower is having a good day: Fly fishing, he has just caught a trout out of the river and is skillfully depositing it into his basket. The former president is appropriately dressed for the occasion with wading boots, an angler’s vest, and a wide-­brim hat. Decades before, the real Ike could be seen angling much the same way in about the same spot. Read full story


Exporting the Colorado River to Asia, Through Hay: As the West suffers long-term drought, experts look for ways to save water while still supporting local farmers
01/23/14—NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM—In July in Yuma County, Arizona, Dave Sharp’s alfalfa crops, like every other living thing in the 105°F (40°C), dry desert heat, get thirsty. All that keeps them alive, and indeed keeps these fields and the hundreds of thousands of acres surrounding them in Yuma County from going fallow, is the Colorado River, diverted one last time through the Yuma Project before flowing across the border into Mexico. Read full story


Snow Hits Local Energy Bills
12/12/13—EUGENE WEEKLY—Record-setting low temperatures can lead to record-setting energy bills, but UO students can get help improving their homes’ energy efficiency. Student and Community Outreach for Renter Efficiency ($CORE) sends peer energy educators to assess students’ dwellings for ways to be more green, complete with about $40 in free fixes. Read full story


Swire Coca-Cola Shrinks Water Footprint
12/10/13—ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER—Swire Coca-Cola’s, the third largest independent bottler in the US, has implemented several water management initiatives as part of its ongoing effort to return to nature an amount of water equivalent to what the company uses in the production and bottling of its beverages. Read full story


Bonneville/Energy Trust study delves into hydropower’s long reach
10/07/13—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—Two energy advocates have released a case study that examines how hydropower can occur away from the natural river system. The Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Energy Trust of Oregon issued the study, authored by Hood River firm Farmers Conservation Alliance, which examines the cumulative effects of small-scale hydropower generation by two irrigation districts on the Hood River watershed over the past 30 years. Read full story


Keep Portland Austin’d: Locals prep for SXSW Eco (Photos)
10/03/13—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—It’s hard to believe SXSW Eco is only in its third year. In a very short period, the Austin gathering of sustainable business leaders working for social improvements has become a worldwide happening. With a bevy of programs and exhibits that piggyback neatly onto the wildly popular SXSW music festival, the Eco gathering lures the brightest minds in the public, private and academic sectors. Read full story


Oregon’s Climate Report Card
10/01/13—By Angus Duncan of Portland, OR. Angus is the president at Bonneville Environmental Foundation and the chair of Oregon Global Warming Commission—The Oregon Global Warming Commission is charged with tracking the state’s progress toward its greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals and reporting every two years to the Legislature. Our 2013 Report looks distressingly like my sixth grade report card: lots of “C’s”, precious few “A’s” and one grade I wish I didn’t have to show my parents. Read full story


Major League Baseball Continues Its Green Legacy at the 84th All-Star Game
07/16/13—NRDC SWITCHBOARD—Tonight is the 2013 Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. As part of MLB’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, the league has partnered again with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) this year to help ensure that the 84th Annual All-Star Game and All-Star Week incorporates environmentally intelligent features. Read full story


Water Restoration Certificates
05/12/13—THE VERDE GUIDE—Interesting in helping restore Verde River water flows? Here’s an opportunity, the go to to learn about the Nature Conservancy project along the river. Then, you can purchase a water restoration certificate which will help fund the project. Read full story


Utility-Scale PV Power Plants Are Now Cost-Effective In Oregon
05/16/13—CLEAN TECHNICA—Large-scale solar power plants are now economic in Oregon. This is one of the surprising findings of the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association’s recently published “Vision to Integrate Solar in Oregon” (VISOR). Produced by Chris Robertson & Associates, LLC, with support from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, the VISOR study can be accessed at chrisrobertsonassociates.comRead full story


Parity Time: Large-Scale Solar Power Plants Now Cost Effective in Oregon
05/07/13—THINK PROGRESS—The Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association has just published a major new peer-reviewed study, Vision to Integrate Solar in Oregon (VISOR). Bonneville Environmental Foundation was the principal sponsor of this work by Chris Robertson & Associates. Read full story


Ted’s first restaurant to invest in BEF Water Restoration Certificate

April 2013—Ted’s Montana Grill has become the first in the restaurant sector to balance a portion of its water footprint through the investment in Water Restoration Certificates® (WRC). Ted’s commitment will restore 5 million gallons of water to the Colorado River Basin over two years and represents a landmark sustainability move in the industry that builds on the restaurant company’s rich history of innovation and leadership around sustainability, according to a press release.


SOU offsets water use through wetland restoration
04/18/13—SUSTAINABLE WATER ENEWSLETTER—Southern Oregon University (SOU), located in Ashland, Oregon, will be the first university to offset 100% of its water use by helping to restore a critically dewatered ecosystem. Through the purchase of Bonneville Environment Foundation (BEF) Water Restoration Certificates® (WRC), SOU is helping revitalize the Klamath River Basin. Over the next five years, the university will restore approximately 80 million gallons of water per year to this critically dewatered ecosystem. Read full story


Around the state: Helping fish
04/11/13—BEND BULLETIN—Students at Southern Oregon University are donating money to put water back in a Klamath Basin creek to help fish. Student activist Shaun Franks said Tuesday that about $60,000 from student fees dedicated to special projects known as the Green Fund are going to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to lease water rights from ranchers on Seven Mile Creek. The idea is to offset the amount of water used on the Ashland campus by restoring an equal amount to the creek. The creek, which sometimes runs dry in summer from irrigation withdrawals, flows out of the Cascades into Agency Lake, and is home to redband trout.


Southern Oregon University proving it can carry its water
04/11/13—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—Southern Oregon University is on track to log a notable, and possibly groundbreaking, water use achievement. Southern Oregon and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation announced this week the campus could become the nation’s first higher ed outfit to balance 100 percent of its water use. The school and the foundation announced a five-year commitment to restore 80 million gallons of water per year to the Klamath River Basin. Read full story


SOU Extends Sustainability With Bonneville Environmental Foundation
04/09/13—KOBI TV—A student-paid green fund will support water reclamation credits and balance 100% of the university’s water use by supporting a criticall degraded water flow area in the Klamath Basin. Watch video


Southern Oregon University Extends Sustainability Leadership Position Through Partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation
04/09/13—CSR NEWSWIRE—Southern Oregon University (SOU) and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) today announced SOU is the first campus in the nation to balance 100% of its water use through a five-year commitment to BEF’s Water Restoration Certificate® program. Funded through a student-led Green Fund, the university will restore approximately 80 million gallons of water per year to the Klamath River Basin. The announcement is being made today during a student rally held on campus. Read full story


SOU student funds will restore water to creek
04/09/13—MAIL TRIBUNE—Southern Oregon University has begun a student-funded program that essentially will restore the equivalent of all of the water used on campus to a creek in the Klamath River Basin, a venture school officials say will be the first of its kind on any campus in the nation. Read full story


‘Change the Course’ at We Day Seattle | Participant Media
04/04/13—WE DAY, SEATTLE—Pledge to shrink you water footprint at home and by being more conscious of what you eat and buy. With each pledge corporate partners will sponsor projects on the ground that keep more water in the Colorado. Every pledge will restore 1,000 gallons. Together we can Change the Course! Watch video


Montessori School goes green
04/03/13—ISLANDS SOUNDER.COM—As the Orcas Montessori School celebrates its 25th year of providing early childhood education to Orcas youth, its staff, board and parents have their sights set on the future. Thanks to grant funding from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and OPALCO, the Orcas Montessori School will install a photovoltaic solar system this summer and will be providing clean energy to the community and engaging youth in the science and benefits of green power. Read full story


Reducing Carbon in Carbon County
04/09/13—BEYOND NOW.COM—Chevrolet is finding that one way to reduce carbon is to invest in Carbon—Carbon County, Penn., that is. Chevy is supporting the Working Woodlands Program, a model forest conservation collaboration between The Nature Conservancy and Blue Source. Specifically, Chevy is invested in the sustainable management of 22,000 acres of Bethlehem Authority forest across Carbon and Monroe counties, near Bethlehem, Penn., to improve forest ecosystem habitats, which will retire a projected 106,000 tons of carbon over four years. Read full story


Change the Course: Help Save the Colorado River
03/12/13—ECOCENTRIC BLOG—More than 30 million people—a tenth of the US population—depend on the Colorado River for food, water, recreation, energy and work. But all that demand has taken its toll; the mighty river that once carved the Grand Canyon no longer reaches the Pacific; in fact most of its last 90 miles are dry. A new campaign called Change the Course, produced by Participant Media, National Geographic and BEF, is recruiting all Americans to help save the Colorado, and other freshwater ecosystems, by taking a pledge to conserve water. Read full story


Will California’s cap and trade stifle low-carbon innovation?
By David Tulauskas, Patrick Nye and Sue Hall
03/11/13—GREENBIZ.COM—When the state of California recently launched the milestone auction of greenhouse gas credits under its AB32 cap-and-trade program, the environmental world—and forward-thinking companies—applauded. Read full story


Silk increases water restoration, conservation commitments
03/06/13—GREENERPACKAGE.COM—Silk expands its water conservation efforts by becoming first corporate member of the Change the Course initiative; conducts water footprint analysis for plant-based milk. Silk®, the brand known for its soy, almond, and coconut milk products, has launched new initiatives in water conservation and restoration efforts. Silk has been working with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) since 2003 and has recently partnered with the National Geographic Society, BEF, and Participant Media as the first charter corporate sponsor to support Change the Course—an ongoing effort to conserve fresh water and preserve the ecological health of the heavily dammed, diverted, and overused Colorado River Basin. This campaign is designed to empower individuals and communities to reduce their own fresh water footprint while making on-the-ground water restoration efforts. Read full story


It’s Not Too Late to Change the Course of the Vanishing Colorado River
02/27/13—CLIMATE PROGRESS—In 1922 the conservationist Aldo Leopold canoed through a lush, verdant delta full of green lagoons, darting fish and squawking waterfowl. But Leopold’s “milk and honey wilderness,” where the Colorado River empties into Mexico’s Gulf of California, ceased to exist decades ago. In its stead, a cracked, barren mudflat stretches for miles. Read full story


Silk Expands Water Conservation Efforts
02/21/13—ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER—The soy milk and almond milk brand Silk has expanded its water conservation efforts through a partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation and a pledge to offset all of its water use. Read full story


Calgary Flames Use EcoTraction for Ice Melting
01/24/13—ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER—Icy walkways leading into games at the Calgary Flames’ Scotiabank Saddledome this NHL hockey season will be covered with award-winning EcoTraction, described by its manufacturer as an environmentally friendly alternative to ice melters such as road salt. The announcement follows several other sustainability initiatives by the NHL and its member teams. In 2011, the NHL announced that that year’s Stanley Cup final would be the first water-neutral series in NHL history. Read full story


Electric Car Charging Station Nears Completion
01/14/13—THEWORLD.COM—The City of Bandon’s new electric car charging station, scheduled to be completed by November, is now set to be done by February. The charging station is a carport structure being constructed over the three northernmost parking spaces in City Hall’s parking lot adjacent to U.S. Highway 101. The structure will support an array of solar panels on its roof to generate electric power. Read full story


Money for water: Diamond S signs valley’s first flow agreement
01/12/13—THE BUGLE—In what can only be described as historic, the board of the Diamond S Ditch in Camp Verde has signed the Verde Valley’s first agreement in which an irrigation company will be paid to reduce the amount of water they withdraw from the Verde River. Read full story


Southern Oregon University Highlighted by U.S. Energy Department for its Investment in Clean Energy
11/16/12—ENERGY.GOV—Today, the Energy Department released its fourth video in the “Clean Energy in Our Community” video series, highlighting clean energy investments by Southern Oregon University (SOU). The school’s investments in renewable energy, sustainability, and purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are benefiting residents and workers across Ashland, a city of about 20,000 people. SOU is working to reduce its energy waste and deploy clean, renewable energy projects both on its campus and throughout the Ashland community. Read full story


Energy Adviser: Program Helps Shrink Your Carbon Footprint
10/25/12—THE COLUMBIAN—Conservation is a great first step toward reducing your carbon footprint. You can go even further by purchasing credits from Clark Public Utilities’ Green Lights program to offset the impact of your energy use. “For a few extra dollars a month, customers can support clean and renewable energy here in the Northwest,” said Michelle Missfeldt, a key accounts manager for the utility. Read full story


River Initiative Wins Award
10/25/12—CAPITALPRESS.COM—The Willamette River Initiative of Oregon has been awarded the 2012 Thiess International Riverprize for excellence in river management. The award, presented Oct. 9 in Melbourne, Australia, is worth $300,000, according to the International River Foundation. Read full story


How the Yampa River, and its Dependents, Survived the Drought of 2012
10/18/12—NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM—As this year’s drought deepened and spread across the United States, many cities and farms took steps to cope. Bans on landscape irrigation conserved municipal supplies. Farmers pumped more groundwater for their crops to make up for the lack of rain. But what’s a river to do? Read full story


Willamette River Wins International Prize
10/10/12—GAZETTE TIMES—The International River Foundation based in Brisbane, Australia deemed the Willamette River winner of the Thiess International Riverprize, an award that recognizes sustainable programs in river management. The Willamette River Initiative entry was submitted by Portland-based company Meyer Memorial Trust and is a group of organizations that aims to improve watershed health in the Willamette Basin. Read full story


Sports Industry Scores an Environmental ‘Game Changer’
09/05/12—NEWSWIRE.COM—When the second annual Green Sports Alliance Summit opens in Seattle today, some 400 sports executives and venue operators will each receive a fat new report on the greening of the $400 billion professional sports industry. Read full story


The Business & Pleasure of Sports
09/05/12—SUNSENTINEL.COM—Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena and Marlins Park, and Orlando’s Amway Center are among the venues cited as figuring prominently in the green movement in pro sports in a report released Wednesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council, in collaboration with the Green Sports Alliance. Read full story


Harnessing a Voluntary Market to Restore Flow to Dewatered Rivers and Streams
08/14/12—GLOBAL WATER FORUM—Across the western United States, thousands of miles of rivers, streams, and wetlands are critically de-watered as a result of over-appropriated water rights. In the U.S. state of Montana alone, chronic or periodic dewatering occurs across over 4,000 miles of rivers and streams annually, and the resulting low flow conditions exacerbate water quality; restrict the movement and productivity of fish and wildlife; impair natural riparian vegetative processes; and limit human recreational opportunities. Read full article


MLB Takes Part in White House Sustainability Forum
07/19/12—ST. LOUS CARDINALS BLOG—Major League Baseball representatives participated in a “Sports and Sustainability” discussion held by the White House on Thursday morning, as the ever-expanding initiatives—on vivid display last week at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City—were held up as a shining example of the overall sports industry’s innovative success in adopting more sustainable practices. Read full story



From Baseball To The Olympics, The Challenges And Successes In ‘Greening’ Sports
07/23/12—THINKPROGRESS.ORG—The multi-billion dollar American sports industry may not be the most polluting industry, but it is among the most visible. With over 60 percent of Americans identifying themselves as sports fans, the greening of the sporting world could serve as model for a wide swath of people. Read full story


Why Baseball’s Green All Star Game Matters
07/10/12—NRDC SWITCHBOARD—The sports industry’s growing embrace of energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling, water conservation, safer chemicals and healthier food is educating millions of fans about the importance of protecting the environment and natural resources that we all depend on. Through their leadership on the field, court or rink, professional and collegiate sports and their sponsors are showing their many fans practical, cost-effective solutions to some of our planet’s most dire ecological issues. The sports industry is demonstrating to millions of people from all walks of life how to be environmental stewards by leading by example. Read full story



MLS W.O.R.K.S. Announces How Green Are Your Goals? Contest Winner
07/09/12—MLS SOCCER.COM—MLS W.O.R.K.S. and MLS corporate partner Continental Tire announced their commitment to educate the next generation of energy users during MLS Cup 2011 and are participating in Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s (BEF) Solar 4R Schools program. A solar panel installation was awarded to KIPP Los Angeles Preparatory School–also the location of an environmentally friendly service project that culminated Greener Goals week and included players from MLS Cup 2011 champion LA Galaxy. Read full story


Glenwood School Gets Solar Lab
07/04/12—GOLDENDALE SENTINEL—As summer begins, so does the construction of a solar system at the Glenwood School that will provide a hands on laboratory for students to learn about solar energy and renewable technologies. The project is facilitated by the Mt. Adams Resource Stewards (MARS) and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) Solar 4R Schools™ program. Read full story


The Coca-Cola Foundation Awards $26 Million to 85 Global Organizations During First Quarter 2012Funding Supports Global Efforts To Create Sustainable Communities

06/11/12—BUSINESS WIRE—The Coca-Cola Foundation—the global philanthropic arm of The Coca-Cola Company—awarded US $26 million in grants to 85 community organizations, including the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, during the first quarter. Read full story


NHL Green Nominated for 2012 Beyond Sport Award
05/30/12—NHL.COM—For the second year in a row, the National Hockey League has been nominated for Beyond Sport’s Sport for Environment Award. The League’s Water Restoration Project is one of three contenders for 2012. The League was celebrated as the Sport for Environment winner in 2011 for a League-wide food recovery program which has diverted over 200 tons of waste from landfill and provided local shelters with more than 300,000 meals since its inception in 2010. Read full story


Capital Pacific Bank Wins 2012 BEST Award
05/01/12——Capital Pacific Bancorp (OTCQB: CPBO) (OTCBB: CPBO) — Capital Pacific Bank won a coveted 2012 BEST Award from the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program for its work in providing financial services to local businesses and nonprofits, and for demonstrating how an impassioned green team can foster a culture of sustainability within its own operations. The bank earned its award in the small organization category. Read full story


Lamb Weston Extends Purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates
04/24/12-JUSTMEANS.COM—ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston is extending its purchase of renewable energy certificates from Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). The additional certificates will continue to offset a portion of Lamb Weston electricity usage for two more years. Lamb Weston purchased its first certificates in 2008, and uses the certificates to offset 100 percent of the electricity needed to power administrative offices in Eagle, Idaho and Kennewick, Wash., as well as the electricity used to make Alexia® All Natural frozen potato, bread and appetizer products. Read full story


Major League Soccer Unveils Solar Panels on LA School
04/23/12—NRDC SWTICHBOARD—Remember how Major League Soccer (MLS) made a commitment to install solar panels at a local school in the city of the MLS Cup champion? And then the LA Galaxy won. Well, today MLS W.O.R.K.S., the Major League Soccer’s community outreach initiative, is delivering on their promise by unveiling a 2.1 kW solar array at KIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory School, located in East LA. The new panels are anticipated to produce 3,034 kWh of clean energy per year. Read full story


Putting Water Back
04/23/12—THECLEANESTLINE.COM—Patagonia’s Our Common Waters campaign isn’t only about demolishing dams. The impact of a dam on rivers and ecosystems lingers well past their expiration date, so removing them is still necessary in many cases. But that’s the work of remedying our past mistakes. The future requires that we find new ways to reduce our water and energy footprints so fewer dams are built in the first place. Read full article


For Earth Day—First of Four Games with Giveaway of Safeco Field Soil

04/20/12—MLB.COM—In honor of Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, the Seattle Mariners will once again stage a carbon-neutral game with carbon offsets, renewable energy credits and water restoration certificates. This is the fifth consecutive year the Mariners have offset carbon impacts for Earth Day. The Mariners are working with Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Seattle City Light’s Green Up program to offset the climate impacts of Sunday’s game between the Mariners and the Chicago White Sox. Read full story


Water Offsets Could Become a Tool for Water Stewardship

Will water-offset programmes soon be discussed by senior business leaders as part of water stewardship strategies?

04/19/12—THE GUARDIAN UK—Water stewardship has become central to businesses’ sustainability agendas as municipalities struggle to maintain a guaranteed supply. Water-intensive industries from breweries to hotels are tasked with proving to their stakeholders that they are serious about using water as efficiently as possible. A strategy they will consider in the future is the implementation of water offsets. Read full story


News: D.C. United Announces Earth Day Initiatives

04/19/12—VIVA LOU DOUN BLOG—D.C. United announced Wednesday multiple green initiatives to be held Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22. Scheduled events and activities are made possible due to consideration from MLS W.O.R.K.S., Events DC and Bonneville Environmental Foundation. United hosts New York on Sunday, April 22 at RFK Stadium before a national television audience on espn2. Kickoff for the match is set for 6:00 p.m. Read full story


Meyer Trust Awards $1.3M in March

04/17/12—PORTLAND BUSINESS JOURNAL—The Meyer Memorial Trust awarded nearly $1.3 million in grants to a dozen nonprofits in the northern Willamette Valley in its March funding round. March recipients are: Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Portland, $180,000 to manage the Willamette Model Watershed program. Read full story


Continental Tire Spreading Green Message in MLS Efforts

04/16/12—TIRE REVIEW—Major League Soccer launched its third annual MLS WORKS/Continental Tire Greener Goals Week. MLW WORKS is a league-wide effort focused on increasing environmental awareness and helping MLS clubs, fans and communities reduce their environmental footprint. The program is run in conjunction with Bonneville Environmental Foundation, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Earth Day Canada. Read full story


NHL’S “Gallons for Goals” Initiative Restores More Than Six Million Gallons of Water for 2011-2012

04/10/12—NHL.COM—The National Hockey League announced today that through its Gallons for Goals initiative more than 6.7 million gallons of water will replenish a critically dewatered river in the Northwest. This season, NHL Green introduced Gallons for Goals, a season-long commitment focusing on the issue of freshwater scarcity. The NHL Foundation pledged to restore 1,000 gallons of water to a critically dewatered river for every goal scored during the 2011-12 regular season, which drew to a close on Saturday. Read full story


NFL’s Eagles Score With Stadium Solar, Wind

03/11/12—EARTHTECHLING.COM—… All of which will no doubt make Natural Resources Defense Council and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation happy, as the two groups prepared a solar development guide for every team in Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and Major League Soccer back in 2010.  The Eagles, it seems, got the message. Read full story


Biz Bits: Snohomish County People and Businesses in the News

02/27/12—HERALDNET.COM—Northwest Wind & Solar has installed a 3.92-kilowatt photo-voltaic awning on the Carl Gipson Senior Center at 3025 Lombard St. in Everett. The system, funded by a grant from the Snohomish County PUD and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation through the Solar 4R Schools project, is meant to save the city money and reduce the center’s carbon footprint. Read full story


Intel Still Leads Nation in Green Power

01/31/12—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON… In addition, the EPA found that Oregon State University ranked No. 4 in the nation for green power usage among colleges and universities, getting 100 percent of its energy needs met either by on-site generation or renewable energy credits purchased through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. OSU used 95 million kilowatt hours of green power last year. Read full story


WhiteWave Foods Reports Progress Against Sustainability Goals

12/05/12—SUSTAINABLE PLANET.COM—Broomfield, Colorado-based WhiteWave Foods, makers of brands including LAND O LAKES, Silk, International Delight and Horizon Organic, recently reported progress against its corporate sustainability goals and announced a second wave of more ambitious targets. Read full story


WhiteWave Foods Reports Major Milestones Against Initial Sustainability Goals and Sets New, Higher Targets

Goals and reported progress underscore the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility

12/01/11—BLOOMBERG.COM—WhiteWave Foods, the Broomfield-based company that makes Silk®, Horizon Organic®, International Delight®, and LAND O LAKES®, today reported its positive progress against its corporate sustainability goals and announced a second wave of even more ambitious targets. Read full story


Continental, MLS Partner in Solar Project for Schools

11/29/11—AFTER MARKET NEWS—Continental Tire has joined with MLS W.O.R.K.S., Major League Soccer’s (MLS) community outreach initiative, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to provide a $50,000 solar installation to a school in the community of MLS Cup 2011 winner the LA Galaxy as part of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation Solar 4R SchoolsTM program. Read full story


Continental Partners MLS in US Schools Solar Project

11/29/11—TYRE —Continental Tire has joined Major League Soccer’s community outreach initiative and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to provide a $50,000 solar installation to a school in the community of MLS Cup 2011 winner, the LA Galaxy, as part of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation Solar 4R SchoolsTM program, reports Tire Review. “We are thrilled to be working with MLS W.O.R.K.S and BEF to put a solar installation in a school in the hometown of the LA Galaxy, MLS Cup champions,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing, Continental Tire. Read full story


Continental, MLS Partner in Solar Project for Schools

11/29/11—TIRE REVIEW—Continental Tire has joined with MLS W.O.R.K.S., Major League Soccer’s community outreach initiative, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to provide a $50,000 solar installation to a school in the community of MLS Cup 2011 winner the LA Galaxy as part of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation Solar 4R SchoolsTM program. Read full story


Trickle Down Effect: Model Watershed Projects Restore Headwater Streams in Hopes of Improving Conditions Throughout the Willamette Basin

11/13/11—GAZETTE TIMES– Tisa Wecht lives on a tidy 52-acre farm on Shotpouch Creek, a rural haven tucked away in a sweet stretch of valley bottom outside the tiny Lincoln County community of Burnt Woods. Read full story


MLS W.O.R.K.S. to give back to LA youth ahead of MLS Cup

11/15/11—MLS SOCCER.COM– MLS W.O.R.K.S., Major League Soccer’s community outreach initiative, will put on multiple events leading up to the League’s championship match in an effort to highlight the League’s commitment to increasing the accessibility of soccer, creating sustainable projects,  and supporting local youth health and wellness programs. MLS Cup 2011 will be played on Sunday, Nov. 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET at The Home Depot Center in Carson, CA (ESPN, Galavision, TSN2). Read full story


Fun in the Sun—Eugene School Students Celebrate a New Solar Power System

11/10/11—THE REGISTER-GUARD—Joe Mayer set up his solar-powered car—a little box on wheels with a photovoltaic panel on top. He connected up the power cables and let her rip down the two-lane track. The car was not a winner. It got jammed up on the PVC pipe that marked the racing lanes. But Joe, an 11-year-old student at Adams Elementary School, didn’t mind. Read full story


School to Unveil 4J’s First Renewable Energy Installation

11/07/11—SOUTH EUGENE KVAL—BEF Grant-funded solar array powers up at Adams Elementary—The first renewable power system in the Eugene School District will be unveiled during a Nov. 9 ceremony at Adams Elementary School, 950 W. 22nd Ave. The event will take place after school, from 2 to 4 p.m. Read full story


Sports Rally Around Green Project

10/25/11—NEW YORK TIMES—AMERICAN sports are often an exercise in excess: fans consume large quantities of beer and hot dogs, stadiums with giant scoreboards and retractable roofs are surrounded by parking lots filled with thousands of cars. In many ways, they represent the broadest cross-section of consumer culture and America’s wasteful ways. Read full story


Solar Panels Installed at Canyon County school

10/25/11—KTVB.COM—Solar panels are the newest addition at Idaho Arts Charter School. The school was given a grant for the solar panels through Idaho Power’s Solar 4R SchoolsTM program and Bonneville Environmental Foundation.  It is the first Canyon County School to be part of the Solar 4R SchoolsTM program. Read full story


WhiteWave & University Of Colorado Athletic Dept. Partner On Zero Waste Initiative

10/12/11—PERISHABLE NEWS.COM—WhiteWave Foods, the Broomfield-based maker of Silk®, Horizon Organic®, International Delight® and licensee of LAND O LAKES® announced its continued partnership with the University of Colorado (CU), focused on “greening” Buffaloes football games and honoring homegrown CU athletics standouts. The company will also sponsor the WhiteWave Foods Family Fun Zone, a new area for families and children to gather before games. Read full story


Chevy Invests in Offset Projects to Slash 4.6M Tons of CO2

10/10/11—GREENBIZ.COM—Many people associate Chevrolet these days with the Volt and the Cruze, but the famous brand is also earmarking funds for wind farms, landfills and home weatherization. These are the kinds of projects Chevy will invest in as part of its commitment to spend up to $40 million to avoid 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide — roughly the amount of annual emissions produced by the 1.9 million Chevy vehicles it will sell from Nov. 18 2010 to late 2011. Read full story


Chevy to Invest $40 Million into 16 Eco-Friendly Projects Across the Country

10/09/11—TORQUE NEWS—Chevy, part of GM, is investing in 16 various eco-friendly projects across the country. The projects combined will receive 40 million in funding from Chevy. The projects range from biomass to wind turbines, and are part of Chevy’s efforts to prevent 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the earths atmosphere over the next five years. Read full story


General Motors Company—Chevrolet Identifies 16 Carbon-Reduction Projects

10/07/11—4-TRADERS—Chevrolet is helping support across America–from biomass to wind turbines–as part of its commitment to spend up to $40 million on carbon reduction. The agreements account for half of Chevrolet’s goal of preventing up to 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the air during the next five years. Read full story


Bandon Receives Grant for Solar Power at City Hall

10/03/11—BANDON WESTERN WORLD—The city of Bandon has applied for and received a grant from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to install solar panels on City Hall to generate power to meet part of the building’s electric load. Read full story


It’s Not All Waste—Fueling our Future Energy Needs

09/29/11—DAILY JOURNAL OF COMMERCE—Unless they have a plumbing emergency at home, most people typically do not think too much about sewage. We flush some things away and wash other things down the drain or the disposal, and then we pretty much forget about them. Probably even fewer people think about how those things that we flush or wash away (properly described as wastewater) from our homes in underground pipes are actually a potential source of renewable energy. Read full story


Local School Goes Solar

09/28/11—KDRV.COM—New solar panels are in and running at Ashland’s Helman Elementary School. The panels were installed this summer, and can power about three full classrooms. Today, students got a chance to talk with the people who helped fund the project and design the panels. They also got a hands-on demonstration, learning exactly how the panels convert sunlight into energy. Teachers will go through more training today on how to take this new technology and use it as a teaching tool in the classroom. Read full story


Horizon® Celebrates 20 Years of Organic Leadership—Nation’s Leading Organic Dairy Brand Reflects on Key Milestones and Introduces New Online Horizon Organic Stewardship Resource

09/22/11—SUN HERALD.COM—BROOMFIELD, Colo.—Horizon®, the leading organic dairy brand in the U.S., is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2011 and reflecting on its growth from a small organic yogurt brand to not only the top-selling organic milk brand in the U.S., but the top-selling milk brand, conventional or organic. Read full story


Lake Stevens High’s Solar Panel to Generate Power, Learning Opportunities

09/21/11—HERALD NET—Installation of a solar panel is planned for the roof of the Lake Stevens High School Performing Arts Center. The Snohomish County Public Utility District recently awarded an energy grant to the Lake Stevens School District to cover the cost of installing a 5-kilowatt solar panel by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Read full story


Redskins’ FedEx Field Unveils Solar Installations

09/15/11—CLEAN ENERGY AUTHORITY.COM—FedEx Field in Landover, Md., home to the Washington Redskins, unveiled its new 2-megawatt photovoltaic system on September 15. The array, installed by NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NRG), is the largest at an NFL stadium to date, according to the company. Read full story


More Than 70 Teams Attending Beyond Sport United at Yankee Stadium

09/01/11—BEYOND SPORT WORLD—More than 70 teams from across the world are set to gather at Beyond Sport United–a unique event taking place at Yankee Stadium on September 27 that will bring together the greatest gathering of sports teams ever assembled to address their role in triggering positive social change in the communities they serve. Read full story


Green Sports Alliance: Go Green or Go Home

08/08/11—FAST COMPANY—Sports teams finally find something to agree on. Sports in America will always be an indulgent birthright. You don’t go to the ball game to worry about whether the world will melt. You go to escape. You go to eat a hot dog and drink a beer and possibly (or probably) curse at someone on (or off) the field—especially if you’re in Philadelphia, where spectating is its own contact sport. But here’s what else Eagles fans can expect at Lincoln Financial Field: scoreboards powered by solar panels; cooking fat from the kitchens recycled into biodiesel; 80 wind turbines on their way. Read full story


Green credit—A Roadmap to Assess Where, When and Why Carbon Credits Might Make Sense for You

07/27/11—MAIN BIZ—Feeling a tad guilty about switching on the A/C in the office? Wondering if there’s a way to mitigate the environmental damage of your employees’ commutes? Or just curious about a market where the commodity is literally made of air? Welcome to the beguiling world of carbon offsets, where your polluting ways can be absolved —or at least tempered—by investing in businesses and practices that work to restore a healthy planet by keeping greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Read full story


A Better Way to Play

07/18/11—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—Sports organizations are, at the heart of their identity, a deeply ingrained part of our communities. As we change, so do they. The fact that a more environmentally and socially conscious generation is coming up in the world—and is asking to see those values reflected in their favorite team—is evidence of sport’s important cultural role. When teams act on these values and strive to make their venue and their communities a better place, it reinforces their role as community leaders. Read full story


NHL Tries to Give Back the Water

06/22/11—NEW YORK TIMES—Before the Stanley Cup Finals between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins, the National Hockey League said that the finals would be the first “water neutral” series in its history. Read full story


NHL and BEF’s Water Restoration Certificates® Make Big Splash

06/10/11—The National Hockey League’s Water Restoration Project, featuring BEF’s Water Restoration Certificates®, is making a big splash in the media during the finals. The following is a sample of press mentions for the initiative.


Drink Beer, Save Water

04/29/11—SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRIES —Independent brewers are buying water credits to save Western waterways. Fishing, beer and water have long gone hand in hand—remember “Brewed with Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water?”—so maybe it’s no surprise that independent breweries are some of the most enthusiastic supporters of Water Restoration Certificates, a new model for making dried-out rivers run again. Read full story


Leading Green Power Supplier Partners with Top 10 Web Host

11/02/11—PR WEB—Bonneville Environmental Foundation, one of the nation’s leading renewable energy suppliers, announces a partnership with global top 10 web hosting company,, to offset more than 150% of the energy used by its web hosting servers. Dotster is supporting the creation of enough clean, renewable wind energy to power their 4.4 million websites. Read full story


Hopworks Steps up on Water Restoration

11/19/10—SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRIES OREGON—Hopworks Urban Brewery became the third beer maker to sign on with Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s water restoration certificate program, signing up to buy offsets that will restore 1.8 million gallons of water into the Deschutes River over the next year. Read full story


HUB: It’s the Water, Just Not So Much

10/19/10—THE BEER GODDESS—Hopworks Urban Brewery taketh and then giveth back. As you probably know, water is a big part of brewing beer. Well, HUB recently signed an agreement with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to purchase Water Restoration Certificates (WRC), which will, over the course of the next year will restore 1.8 million gallons of water to Oregon’s Deschutes River. Read full story


Laurelwood Brewing Committed to the Deschutes River

09/23/10—MUTINEER MAGAZINE—The result will be one million gallons of restored water of Oregon’s beautiful Deschutes River. “The BEF’s Water Restoration Certificate is the first national-level, market-based solution that enables businesses to take responsibility for water consumption by helping restore water flow to critically de-watered creeks and rivers” cited the press release. Read full story


BEF Builds New Model for Water Offsets

09/15/11—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—It’s fairly common practice for green-minded businesses to purchase offsets or certificates to make up for the carbon their operations emit. The money goes toward the development of clean energy sources or to maintain carbon-storing forests. Now, a Portland pioneer in the market for renewable energy certificates is taking the same concept to wetland restoration. Read full story


Big League Sports Join the Green Team, Score with Solar

09/08/10—GRIST.ORG—Talk about sporting greens: On Wednesday, all of the United States’ professional sports leagues said they would distribute a guide on how to switch to renewable energy and urge their teams to solarize their stadiums. The guide was prepared by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and marks a new alliance between environmentalists and the nation’s baseball, football, hockey, and soccer teams. Read full story


All-Star Events to Have a Green Theme

07/10/10—MLB.COM—Anaheim will be rolling out the “green” carpet to welcome players, fans and coaches to the 81st Midsummer Classic. As part of its commitment to the environment, MLB has joined forces with the Natural Resources Defense Council to ensure the All-Star festivities, including the All-Star Red Carpet Show on Tuesday, reflect environmentally responsible practices. Read full story


Big Sky Brewing Buys Water Restoration Certificates

07/09/10—ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER—Big Sky Brewing Company’s purchase will result in more than 10 million gallons of water restored to the Prickly Pear Creek over the next three years. Big Sky Brewing has signed a three-year contract to purchase Water Restoration Certificates (WRC) from Bonneville Environmental Foundation(BEF) to help restore water flow in Prickly Pear Creek, a tributary of the Missouri River located near Helena, Montana. Read full story


In Our View: Greener Pastures

07/06/10—THE COLUMBIAN—Gas from cows? Solar power? Local consumers can buy it now. When is it a good idea to pay more for the same service provided to your neighbors? We can think of two local examples: natural gas and electricity. NW Natural, a Portland-based utility, recently expanded its Smart Energy program to its 60,000 Southwest Washington customers. Clark Public Utilities has offered its Green Lights program since 2002. Both programs allow customers to opt in, paying slightly more for their energy and in return funding development of more environmentally friendly energy sources. Read full story


The Green List 2010

06/01/11—OREGON BUSINESS MAGAZINE—The 2010 list of Oregon’s Best Green Companies to Work For is all about diversity and commitment. Winners range from longtime sustainability gurus such as Gerding Edlen and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to newcomers such as Ruby Receptionists and Hummingbird Wholesale. Add in respected businesses that are always expanding their green programs such as SOLARC Architecture and Boly Welch Recruiting, and the final result offers diverse representation of a statewide trend toward more sustainable business practices. See full list


Silk Green Caps For A Greener World Helps Consumers Raise Funds For A Green Cause

04/29/10—CSR WIRE—More and more people are looking for simple ways to help make the world a healthier place. But often the pressure and bustle of day-to-day life can make it seem overwhelming to seek out and implement the small changes that can make a big difference. Read full news release


Wineries Complete First Industry Carbon-Reduction Program

04/27/10—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—Fourteen Oregon wineries announced Tuesday they’ve completed a rigorous process to measure and reduce greenhouse gases as part of the “Carbon Neutral Challenge,” a joint program of the Oregon Environmental Council and the Oregon Wine BoardRead full story


Are Voluntary Renewable Energy Purchases in Danger of Withering on the Vine?

05/26/10—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—We’ve all heard pieces and parts of the story—supporting renewable energy is the right thing to do for the long-term future, for our kids, for the environment, and for national security. But, developing renewable energy is also the right thing to do right now for the immediate future of Oregon. And supporting federal legislation that keeps this market humming along is also the right thing to do right now. In Oregon, and across the country, people have been supporting a lot of renewable energy lately. Read full article


Obama, Leno and a Low-Carbon Menu

05/26/10—THE NEW YORK TIMES—The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, an annual black-tie festival of schmoozing, preening and source-greasing, is taking steps this year to reduce its carbon footprint. From decorations to menu choices to recommended modes of transport, the association is trying to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its 2,600 revelers. Read full story


Major League Soccer Celebrates Earth Day With MLS W.O.R.K.S. Greener Goals Week

04/22/10—OUR SPORTS CENTRAL—To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, MLS W.O.R.K.S., Major League Soccer’s community outreach initiative, has launched Greener Goals Week, a League-wide effort focused on increasing environmental awareness. Major League Soccer has partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Bonneville Environmental Foundation to identify and enact tangible ways to reduce our environmental footprint and help raise awareness throughout the soccer community. Read full story


In Our View: Harness the Invisible

01/06/10—ALL BUSINESS MAGAZINE—Two engines drive the slow but steady conversion to alternative energy sources in Clark County and around the state: voter mandates and voluntary contributions. That first engine was manifested in Initiative 937, the 2006 ballot measure that was approved by voters (51.7 percent both locally and statewide). Read full story

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