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Snow Hits Local Energy Bills
12/12/13—EUGENE WEEKLY—Record-setting low temperatures can lead to record-setting energy bills, but UO students can get help improving their homes’ energy efficiency. Student and Community Outreach for Renter Efficiency ($CORE) sends peer energy educators to assess students’ dwellings for ways to be more green, complete with about $40 in free fixes. Read full story


Swire Coca-Cola Shrinks Water Footprint
12/10/13—ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER—Swire Coca-Cola’s, the third largest independent bottler in the US, has implemented several water management initiatives as part of its ongoing effort to return to nature an amount of water equivalent to what the company uses in the production and bottling of its beverages. Read full story


Bonneville/Energy Trust study delves into hydropower’s long reach
10/07/13—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—Two energy advocates have released a case study that examines how hydropower can occur away from the natural river system. The Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Energy Trust of Oregon issued the study, authored by Hood River firm Farmers Conservation Alliance, which examines the cumulative effects of small-scale hydropower generation by two irrigation districts on the Hood River watershed over the past 30 years. Read full story


Keep Portland Austin’d: Locals prep for SXSW Eco (Photos)
10/03/13—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—It’s hard to believe SXSW Eco is only in its third year. In a very short period, the Austin gathering of sustainable business leaders working for social improvements has become a worldwide happening. With a bevy of programs and exhibits that piggyback neatly onto the wildly popular SXSW music festival, the Eco gathering lures the brightest minds in the public, private and academic sectors. Read full story


Oregon’s Climate Report Card
10/01/13—By Angus Duncan of Portland, OR. Angus is the president at Bonneville Environmental Foundation and the chair of Oregon Global Warming Commission—The Oregon Global Warming Commission is charged with tracking the state’s progress toward its greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals and reporting every two years to the Legislature. Our 2013 Report looks distressingly like my sixth grade report card: lots of “C’s”, precious few “A’s” and one grade I wish I didn’t have to show my parents. Read full story


Major League Baseball Continues Its Green Legacy at the 84th All-Star Game
07/16/13—NRDC SWITCHBOARD—Tonight is the 2013 Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. As part of MLB’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, the league has partnered again with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) this year to help ensure that the 84th Annual All-Star Game and All-Star Week incorporates environmentally intelligent features. Read full story


Water Restoration Certificates
05/12/13—THE VERDE GUIDE—Interesting in helping restore Verde River water flows? Here’s an opportunity, the go to to learn about the Nature Conservancy project along the river. Then, you can purchase a water restoration certificate which will help fund the project. Read full story


Utility-Scale PV Power Plants Are Now Cost-Effective In Oregon
05/16/13—CLEAN TECHNICA—Large-scale solar power plants are now economic in Oregon. This is one of the surprising findings of the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association’s recently published “Vision to Integrate Solar in Oregon” (VISOR). Produced by Chris Robertson & Associates, LLC, with support from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, the VISOR study can be accessed at chrisrobertsonassociates.comRead full story


Parity Time: Large-Scale Solar Power Plants Now Cost Effective in Oregon
05/07/13—THINK PROGRESS—The Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association has just published a major new peer-reviewed study, Vision to Integrate Solar in Oregon (VISOR). Bonneville Environmental Foundation was the principal sponsor of this work by Chris Robertson & Associates. Read full story


Ted’s first restaurant to invest in BEF Water Restoration Certificate

April 2013—Ted’s Montana Grill has become the first in the restaurant sector to balance a portion of its water footprint through the investment in Water Restoration Certificates® (WRC). Ted’s commitment will restore 5 million gallons of water to the Colorado River Basin over two years and represents a landmark sustainability move in the industry that builds on the restaurant company’s rich history of innovation and leadership around sustainability, according to a press release.


SOU offsets water use through wetland restoration
04/18/13—SUSTAINABLE WATER ENEWSLETTER—Southern Oregon University (SOU), located in Ashland, Oregon, will be the first university to offset 100% of its water use by helping to restore a critically dewatered ecosystem. Through the purchase of Bonneville Environment Foundation (BEF) Water Restoration Certificates® (WRC), SOU is helping revitalize the Klamath River Basin. Over the next five years, the university will restore approximately 80 million gallons of water per year to this critically dewatered ecosystem. Read full story


Around the state: Helping fish
04/11/13—BEND BULLETIN—Students at Southern Oregon University are donating money to put water back in a Klamath Basin creek to help fish. Student activist Shaun Franks said Tuesday that about $60,000 from student fees dedicated to special projects known as the Green Fund are going to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to lease water rights from ranchers on Seven Mile Creek. The idea is to offset the amount of water used on the Ashland campus by restoring an equal amount to the creek. The creek, which sometimes runs dry in summer from irrigation withdrawals, flows out of the Cascades into Agency Lake, and is home to redband trout.


Southern Oregon University proving it can carry its water
04/11/13—SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OREGON—Southern Oregon University is on track to log a notable, and possibly groundbreaking, water use achievement. Southern Oregon and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation announced this week the campus could become the nation’s first higher ed outfit to balance 100 percent of its water use. The school and the foundation announced a five-year commitment to restore 80 million gallons of water per year to the Klamath River Basin. Read full story


SOU Extends Sustainability With Bonneville Environmental Foundation
04/09/13—KOBI TV—A student-paid green fund will support water reclamation credits and balance 100% of the university’s water use by supporting a criticall degraded water flow area in the Klamath Basin. Watch video


Southern Oregon University Extends Sustainability Leadership Position Through Partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation
04/09/13—CSR NEWSWIRE—Southern Oregon University (SOU) and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) today announced SOU is the first campus in the nation to balance 100% of its water use through a five-year commitment to BEF’s Water Restoration Certificate® program. Funded through a student-led Green Fund, the university will restore approximately 80 million gallons of water per year to the Klamath River Basin. The announcement is being made today during a student rally held on campus. Read full story


SOU student funds will restore water to creek
04/09/13—MAIL TRIBUNE—Southern Oregon University has begun a student-funded program that essentially will restore the equivalent of all of the water used on campus to a creek in the Klamath River Basin, a venture school officials say will be the first of its kind on any campus in the nation. Read full story


‘Change the Course’ at We Day Seattle | Participant Media
04/04/13—WE DAY, SEATTLE—Pledge to shrink you water footprint at home and by being more conscious of what you eat and buy. With each pledge corporate partners will sponsor projects on the ground that keep more water in the Colorado. Every pledge will restore 1,000 gallons. Together we can Change the Course! Watch video


Montessori School goes green
04/03/13—ISLANDS SOUNDER.COM—As the Orcas Montessori School celebrates its 25th year of providing early childhood education to Orcas youth, its staff, board and parents have their sights set on the future. Thanks to grant funding from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and OPALCO, the Orcas Montessori School will install a photovoltaic solar system this summer and will be providing clean energy to the community and engaging youth in the science and benefits of green power. Read full story


Reducing Carbon in Carbon County
04/09/13—BEYOND NOW.COM—Chevrolet is finding that one way to reduce carbon is to invest in Carbon—Carbon County, Penn., that is. Chevy is supporting the Working Woodlands Program, a model forest conservation collaboration between The Nature Conservancy and Blue Source. Specifically, Chevy is invested in the sustainable management of 22,000 acres of Bethlehem Authority forest across Carbon and Monroe counties, near Bethlehem, Penn., to improve forest ecosystem habitats, which will retire a projected 106,000 tons of carbon over four years. Read full story


Change the Course: Help Save the Colorado River
03/12/13—ECOCENTRIC BLOG—More than 30 million people—a tenth of the US population—depend on the Colorado River for food, water, recreation, energy and work. But all that demand has taken its toll; the mighty river that once carved the Grand Canyon no longer reaches the Pacific; in fact most of its last 90 miles are dry. A new campaign called Change the Course, produced by Participant Media, National Geographic and BEF, is recruiting all Americans to help save the Colorado, and other freshwater ecosystems, by taking a pledge to conserve water. Read full story


Will California’s cap and trade stifle low-carbon innovation?
By David Tulauskas, Patrick Nye and Sue Hall
03/11/13—GREENBIZ.COM—When the state of California recently launched the milestone auction of greenhouse gas credits under its AB32 cap-and-trade program, the environmental world—and forward-thinking companies—applauded. Read full story


Silk increases water restoration, conservation commitments
03/06/13—GREENERPACKAGE.COM—Silk expands its water conservation efforts by becoming first corporate member of the Change the Course initiative; conducts water footprint analysis for plant-based milk. Silk®, the brand known for its soy, almond, and coconut milk products, has launched new initiatives in water conservation and restoration efforts. Silk has been working with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) since 2003 and has recently partnered with the National Geographic Society, BEF, and Participant Media as the first charter corporate sponsor to support Change the Course—an ongoing effort to conserve fresh water and preserve the ecological health of the heavily dammed, diverted, and overused Colorado River Basin. This campaign is designed to empower individuals and communities to reduce their own fresh water footprint while making on-the-ground water restoration efforts. Read full story


It’s Not Too Late to Change the Course of the Vanishing Colorado River
02/27/13—CLIMATE PROGRESS—In 1922 the conservationist Aldo Leopold canoed through a lush, verdant delta full of green lagoons, darting fish and squawking waterfowl. But Leopold’s “milk and honey wilderness,” where the Colorado River empties into Mexico’s Gulf of California, ceased to exist decades ago. In its stead, a cracked, barren mudflat stretches for miles. Read full story


Silk Expands Water Conservation Efforts
02/21/13—ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER—The soy milk and almond milk brand Silk has expanded its water conservation efforts through a partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation and a pledge to offset all of its water use. Read full story


Calgary Flames Use EcoTraction for Ice Melting
01/24/13—ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER—Icy walkways leading into games at the Calgary Flames’ Scotiabank Saddledome this NHL hockey season will be covered with award-winning EcoTraction, described by its manufacturer as an environmentally friendly alternative to ice melters such as road salt. The announcement follows several other sustainability initiatives by the NHL and its member teams. In 2011, the NHL announced that that year’s Stanley Cup final would be the first water-neutral series in NHL history. Read full story


Electric Car Charging Station Nears Completion
01/14/13—THEWORLD.COM—The City of Bandon’s new electric car charging station, scheduled to be completed by November, is now set to be done by February. The charging station is a carport structure being constructed over the three northernmost parking spaces in City Hall’s parking lot adjacent to U.S. Highway 101. The structure will support an array of solar panels on its roof to generate electric power. Read full story


Money for water: Diamond S signs valley’s first flow agreement
01/12/13—THE BUGLE—In what can only be described as historic, the board of the Diamond S Ditch in Camp Verde has signed the Verde Valley’s first agreement in which an irrigation company will be paid to reduce the amount of water they withdraw from the Verde River. Read full story


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