Camilla Solar Plant

Pelham, GA

Designed, Engineered, and constructed by Radiance Solar, the Camilla Solar Plant is South Georgia's first utility-scale solar installation. With over 68,500 Trina solar modules, the system has the capacity to produce 26.5 MWh of electricity annually.

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Camp Solar Project

Woodbury, Georgia

Located in Woodbury Georgia, the Camp Solar Project was commissioned in December of 2013 and has a nameplate capacity of 3.168MW.

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Idaho Solar 1

Boise, ID

Idaho Solar 1 is Idaho's first commercial solar farm. Covering 360 acres just south of Boise, it consists of 174,800 polysilicon solar panels installed on a single axis tracking system and produces enough energy to power approximately 29,000 homes.

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White Bluffs Solar Station

Richland, WA

The White Bluffs Solar Station is located 10 miles north of Richland, Wash., where the sun shines about 300 days a year. The project uses 242 multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight into 38.7 kilowatts of direct current electricity.

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