Northern California Chevrolet dealerships help inspire the next generation of clean energy leaders


Northern California—In our continued effort to empower educators nationwide to bring hands-on STEM renewable energy lessons to their classrooms, BEF’s Solar 4R Schools team will engage 40 more northern California teachers in a free full-day professional development training sponsored by Chevrolet.

Teaching the Science of Solar Energy will be presented by Solar 4R SchoolsTM and Solar Schoolhouse to 5th-12th grade teachers in Northern California March 2 and March 4. This inquiry-based, hands-on science and engineering training program offers a review of the science, technology and classroom applications of solar energy; hands-on workshop activities with teacher-created experiments; and the opportunity to interact with other teachers in preparation for adaptation in their classroom.

Each participating teacher will construct a solar project that they can keep. Participants receive a free classroom science kit (valued at $750.00) with materials to build solar cars, as well as access to live solar data monitoring information from nearby systems, and teacher-generated classroom lessons correlated to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. The images above depict participating teachers from the March 2 workshop constructing their solar project using the science kit materials and lessons provided.

The March 2 workshop was hosted by the Roseville Utility Exploration Center, while the March 4 workshop will be hosted by the San Mateo County Office of Education. Both trainings are sponsored by Chevrolet in conjunction with a local solar array installed at the John L. Sullivan Chevrolet Dealership in Roseville, California, and an array installed at the Putnam Chevrolet dealership in Burlingame, California. A combined 40 teachers and up to 4,000 students will be engaged in renewable energy STEM activities and curricula as a result of these trainings.


About Solar 4R SchoolsTM—At BEF, we believe education plays a critical role in solving the world’s most pressing energy challenges. Our Solar 4R SchoolsTM program is delivering one of the most comprehensive K-12 renewable energy STEM education experiences in the nation. Through teacher training, science kits, teacher-generated activities, and real-time access to energy generation data from 200+ solar systems nationwide, we are directly empowering the next generation of clean energy leaders. With the help of our corporate partners, we strive to integrate renewable energy STEM education into every classroom in the nation. Learn more about the Solar 4R SchoolsTM program now >>


About Solar Schoolhouse—Education Energized by the Sun.  Solar Schoolhouse is a K-12 energy education program developed by The Rahus Institute, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization based in Sebastopol, California. The program uses the sun as a starting point for teaching about energy resources, conservation, and other energy topics. Ingredients include professional development for educators, ‘Your Solar Home’ curriculum, Solar Cell Classroom Sets, hands-on solar project kits, Watt Trekker video series, and service learning projects. Learn more at