NHL to purchase carbon offsets to counter Stanley Cup Playoff air travel
04/22/19—NHL.COM—Today, the National Hockey League (NHL) announced it will purchase carbon offsets in an effort to shrink its environmental footprint. This marks the first time the League will offset carbon emissions caused by air travel for games during the Stanley Cup® Playoffs. As part of its commitment to sustainable business practices, and in celebration of Earth Day, the NHL® will purchase carbon offsets for all four rounds of the postseason, equaling approximately 2,000 metric-tons of CO2 emissions. Read full Story


Major League Baseball and Clubs Supporting Sustainability Efforts Throughout 2019
04/19/19—CSR Wire— Major League Baseball and its 30 Clubs are supporting sustainability efforts throughout 2019, including ‘GREEN TEAMS’ and environmentally-focused activations during MLB All-Star Week in Cleveland & the World Series in October, MLB-led partnerships with key groups that specialize in this area, and significant efforts led by MLB Clubs in their communities and at ballparks. Read full Story


Solar car challenge part science fair, part pinewood derby
03/09/19—THE COLUMBIAN—Mason McCarty, 14, tried to stay calm. McCarty had just finished second in the middle school racing portion of Saturday’s Clark Public Utilities’ Solar Car Challenge at Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver. McCarty recorded that placing along with his friend Aran O’Day, 14, who attends eighth grade with him at Odyssey Middle School in Camas.

“I’m still shaking from the adrenaline,” McCarty said, looking down at his hands minutes after finishing racing for the day.

“It was really fun competing,” O’Day said.

McCarty and O’Day made up one of more than 175 teams from Clark County elementary, middle and high schools that competed in the competition. Students placed in racing competitions, as well as other categories such as best design. The challenge was organized to teach kids about STEM in a fun way. McCarty and O’Day said they enjoyed using trial and error to build their solar battery-hybrid car. Read full Story


Clark County kids race solar hybrid cars
03/09/19—KGW8— Video


Students set to compete Saturday in Solar Car Challenge
03/08/19—THE COLUMBIAN—  Hundreds of local students will hit the track this weekend for the return of the Solar Car Challenge, hosted by Clark Public Utilities.Local elementary, middle and high school students have been working in teams for months to build the pinewood derbylike, solar-powered cars, and will put them to the test from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at Hudson’s Bay High School, 1601 E. McLoughlin Blvd. Read full Story


Ten7’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable water
02/27/19—TEN7 BLOG—Wouldn’t it be nice to know that for every hour you’re using electricity to run your office, you’re also supporting a stream restoration project, or contributing to the clean energy efforts of a business? That’s exactly what TEN7 is doing as a company with our energy offset program. Read full Story


Ten7 with Heather Schrock from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation
02/13/19—TEN7 PODCAST—In Episode 53 of the TEN7 Podcast, Ivan Stegic sits down for a chat with Heather Schrock, Environmental Products Representative for the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a Portland, OR non-profit that empowers business to be in balance with the environment through a full suite of products, programs and custom solutions that help address the environmental footprint. Listen to the Podcast


Waste Management: What it takes for a zero waste event
02/03/19—GOLF CHANNEL—Waste Management’s Lee Spivak shows what it takes to put on a zero waste event. Video


Geoclub packs for Argentina field trip: Hiking boots, rock hammers…and carbon offsets
11/18/18—OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY—Conscientious travelers are often exhorted to “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.” But that advice was penned before one kind of footprint was understood to contribute to global climate change: carbon footprints. Read full Story


Tread Lightly: Water restoration certificates have revolutionized the way businesses and corporations are able to conserve our most precious commodity
USGBC—There’s a water crisis in America, and it goes far beyond the headline-grabbing drought in California. Tens of thousands of miles of streams, rivers, and wetlands are critically and chronically dewatered every year, says Todd Reeve, CEO of Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). Sometimes, trickles of poor-quality water are the only traces of once-gushing creeks from a century ago. Sometimes, only bare, dry channels remain. And out in the American West, dried-up streams do not simply mean drawing the curtains on beautiful vistas: Parched landscapes are bad omens for the wider ecosystems that depend on them. Read full Story


Kids light up for solar car race: Students learn about renewable energy as they build dragsters
03/10/18—THE COLUMBIAN—t the gym in Hudson’s Bay High School, teams of wide-eyed students shouted, jumped up and down and anxiously clutched the sides of their heads as small cars powered by solar panels made their way across the track. The students spent months designing, building and troubleshooting these small vehicles. On Saturday, they were put to the test.  Read full Story