corporate responsibility


At BEF, we walk our talk. Minimizing the environmental impact of our day-to-day business operations is central to our organizational culture. Simply put, we’ve made “treading lightly” easy for our valued employees. Wherever possible, we’ve taken steps to reduce our impact. We continually watch for ways we can build on this foundation.

Listed below are our ongoing commitments to minimize the environmental impact of our business and to encourage our staff to incorporate similar practices into their lives.


commuting and transportation

  • Our office is conveniently located on the Max Light Rail line near several major bus and bike commute routes
  • We provide monthly Tri-Met bus and Max Light Rail passes for all employees at no cost
  • A Flexcar business account is available to all employees
  • We offer secure, indoor bike storage and a changing/shower area for bike commuters
  • We take part in the annual Bike Commute Challenge sponsored by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance



  • Whenever possible, we utilize shared public transportation (lightrail, commuter trains, busses and shared shuttle services) for ground transportation on business related travel
  • Whenever possible, we utilize rail transportation in lieu of passenger vehicles or short-flight air travel for business related travel
  • We purchase Carbon Offsets to balance the carbon emissions associated with all business-related travel by air, rail, passenger vehicle and shared transportation



  • We use compact fluorescent lightbulbs throughout our office building
  • We retire Carbon Offsets annually to offset the carbon emissions associated with our natural gas usage
  • We retire Renewable Energy Certificates equivalent to 100% of our annual office electricity usage
  • We use light motion sensors throughout the office to reduce energy use
  • We do not use overhead lights in areas with sufficient natural light (approximately 30% of the office space)



  • We offer a water filtration system for employees instead of bottled water coolers
  • We retire Water Restoration Certificates equivalent to 100% of our annual office water usage and air travel


waste diversion

  • We provide a box to place paper printed only on one side for others to reuse
  • We recycle all paper and corrugated cardboard
  • We provide an expanded recycling station with separate containers for tin, batteries, CDs, plastics and glass
  • We collect and recycle “technotrash” (i.e. CDs, DVDs, diskettes, all types of tapes and containers, cell phones, pagers, ink cartridges) by shipping it to GreenDisk for secure, audited disposal in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Staff volunteers recycle batteries, styrofoam, juice box containers, miscellaneous plastic containers, bottles, bags, soda cans and fizzy water bottles
  • Toner cartridges are sent to the manufacturer or third-party recyclers
  • We send old office equipment to Free Geek to be refurbished and reused
  • We offer on site compost containers for food scraps, coffee grounds and other biodegradable materials



  • We purchase only organic fair trade coffee
  • We order office supplies with highest recycled content possible
  • We provide reusable glasses, plates, silverware and kitchen towels instead of disposables for use by employees and on-site meetings
  • We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and a cleaning service that values sustainability
  • We’ve established event and meeting catering guidelines that include a preference for local vendors who specialize in locally grown, organic food served with a minimum of packaging and no plastic utensils
  • We buy 100% recycled or Forest Stewardship Council-approved paper for office printers and copier



  • We encourage employees to use double sided printing and to print in color only when necessary
  • We request to print only on FSC Certified, Green Seal Certified, Processed Chlorine Free 100% post-consumer paper for all major print materials
  • We continually take steps to minimize printing of marketing collateral in lieu of electronic materials
  • Whenever possible, we work with locally-owned and operated printers that offer environmentally friendly printing practices and value sustainability


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