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Testimonial provided by: Katie King, Corporate Sustainability—Research, Development & Sustainability, WhiteWave

Solutions provided: Renewable Energy Certificates | Carbon Offsets | Water Restoration Certificates® Change the Course campaign | Custom Solutions


BEF has been a tremendous partner for WhiteWave for the last decade, beginning with our purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and bringing new innovations to help us manage our water footprint through Water Restoration Certificates.® BEF helps us take a holistic approach to environmental sustainability, from the footprint at our manufacturing facilities, to offsetting emissions incurred at trade shows.

In addition to BEF’s creative thinking around marketing and new ways to leverage their products, they provide excellent customer service. We feel great supporting a nonprofit organization that reinvests in shared causes and is open to innovative partnerships with companies and other nonprofit campaigns, like Change the Course.

“For the past 10 years, BEF has been an excellent, resourceful partner to Silk. We can always count on BEF to provide verifiable environmental solutions that support Silk’s commitment to sustainability, and minimizing our carbon and water footprint.”
—Craig Shiesley, General Manager, Silk®