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Testimonial provided by: Patti Best, Idaho Power Program Specialist, Idaho Power Company

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Idaho Power has a long history—almost 100 years—of providing low-cost energy to its customers. It’s one of the few investor-owned utilities with a predominantly hydroelectric generation base, and one of the first utilities to start a voluntary Green Power Program. In fact, Idaho Power was BEF’s first utility purchaser of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in 2001. For more than 14 years we’ve sought BEF’s support to supply us with certified northwest RECs, help get community solar projects built and, as needed, provide input on current trends in voluntary Green Power programs.

Through our partnership with BEF, our Green Power program gives customers the option to match their electricity use with renewable energy while supporting local renewable energy education through BEF’s Solar 4R SchoolsTM program.

BEF has helped Idaho Power secure RECs from a variety of large-scale wind projects in the northwest, including Idaho, Oregon and Washington, as well as solar RECs in response to customer preferences. Since 2001, BEF has supplied Idaho Power with more than 230,000-Megawatt-hours of northwest RECs. This is the environmental equivalent of nearly 140,000 metric tons of CO2e or the annual emissions from about 29,000 cars.

In addition, BEF staff has been responsive in helping our program succeed. From providing research and insight into green power programs or helping us meet our customers’ changing preferences, BEF has been an important partner.

BEF has helped us launch 15 Solar 4R SchoolsTM renewable energy education projects across our diverse service area. These projects have included the installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems on schools in arid deserts, forested mountain communities, and encompassing a wide range of climates. A range of PV system designs has been installed from traditional roof mounts to thin-film solar. The program has provided students in Idaho Power’s service area a meaningful way to learn first-hand about their energy choices. BEF has ensured projects are built, teachers are trained and students have access to a dynamic curriculum that meets state standards.