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Coca-Cola understands that the success of its business is directly tied to the health and sustainability of the communities in which it operates. Coca-Cola is focused on becoming more efficient by reducing the amount of water used to manufacture its products and replenishing water in communities and nature through the support of healthy watersheds and community programs.

Part of Coca-Cola’s goal is to replenish an amount of water equivalent to what it uses in product production by 2020. They reached out to BEF to identify key projects in the western United States to meet this goal.

In 2011, BEF began working with Coca-Cola to help meet its regional water sustainability goals. Using our custom water restoration project development services, BEF identified, developed and certified custom water restoration projects to restore water to critically dewatered ecosystems in important markets and manufacturing areas for Coca-Cola.

BEF works with Coca-Cola staff and local NGOs to identify and support custom WRC projects in places like Arizona, Oregon, Montana and Utah. BEF collaborates with local partners to create custom, turnkey projects that are reviewed and certified by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. These projects assure Coca-Cola that it will be able to balance its manufacturing water use footprint with projects that successfully restore billions of liters of water to critically dewatered rivers, streams and wetlands.

As of fall 2012, Coca-Cola’s partnership with BEF has supported in-stream flow restoration of 915,875,000 gallons of water to critically dewatered rivers and streams, including initiating new projects in the Bear River, UT and Verde River, AZ. Coca-Cola’s commitment to water sustainability and replenishing water to the environment has played a critical role in getting new projects off the ground.


“At Coca-Cola, we are working towards our goal to replenish the water used in our beverages back to nature by 2020. BEF is a key partner in helping us identify and conduct water restoration projects in North America that help protect community watersheds.”

—Jon Radtke, Water Resource Manager, Coca-Cola North America