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Testimonial provided by: Erica Erland, Corporate Communications Manager, Clark Public Utilities

Solutions provided: Renewable Energy Certificates | Renewable Energy ProgramsSolar 4R SchoolsTM 


Like most utilities in the region, Clark Public Utilities offers its customers the chance to “green” their power use by offsetting consumption with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). BEF has long been a convenient, turnkey partner in this program—Green Lights—but the added value of the CE clean energy. bright futures. energy education program continues to set them apart.

CE projects within the Clark County PUD service area are funded through Green Lights contributions. Each customer’s investment in Green Lights results in a visible educational solar array on schools across the county. CE gives our customers a way to give back to the community and support renewable energy generation in the utility’s service area.

In 2014, Clark Public Utilities began moving forward with the design and implementation of a Community Solar program. The existing partnership with BEF became invaluable during the process, with BEF providing guidance with siting and planning the project. The BEF team provided expertise and support through the request for contractor bids and in helping define the parameters of the program. The partnership helped to move the project along swiftly and successfully.