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reduce your carbon footprint where you can, balance the rest

At BEF, we encourage businesses and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint wherever possible—through steps like optimizing energy efficiency, minimizing product packaging and choosing shipping and delivery methods that use clean fuels. Yet even with these significant steps, some carbon emissions are unavoidable.

Carbon Offsets provide your business with a verified method to balance your remaining carbon footprint by directly supporting projects that are proven to reduce carbon emissions. By purchasing Carbon Offsets you can balance the unavoidable emissions from natural gas usage, staff travel, product development, shipping and/or manufacturing—helping meet business sustainability objectives and/or compliance regulations.

Our Carbon Offset projects represent the capture or reduction of harmful greenhouse gases emitted from sources such as animal waste, landfills, fossil fuel use or refrigerants. One Carbon Offset represents the reduction of greenhouse gases equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Your purchase, combined with that of other BEF partners, represents a significant funding source that helps ensure continued innovation and development of carbon reduction projects and technology.

We’re proud to offer a high-quality, diverse Carbon Offset project portfolio that includes both national supply and compelling, locally owned projects with a great story to tell.



collectively, BEF and its partners have kept more than 3.8 million metric tons of harmful CO2e from the atmosphere through our partners’ purchase of Carbon Offsets…

that’s the equivalent of taking more than 800,000 cars off the road
for one year.