BEF's approach to partnership

our approach to sustainability partnership

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At BEF, we believe in the power of collective intelligence—and our partnerships with key industry leaders allow us to continually move game-changing environmental solutions forward.

We’re honored to maintain strategic partnerships with the Natural Resources Defense Council, National Geographic, the Green Sports Alliance and many watershed councils, water trusts and renewable energy project developers nationwide. Together, we are helping more and more businesses meet the corporate sustainability goals of today while helping solve tomorrow’s biggest environmental challenges.

As a BEF partner you will enjoy a personalized experience that is grounded in the unique business and sustainability goals your company or organization aims to achieve. We work with businesses of all types and sizes, ranging from startups to Fortune 500® corporations, NGOs to utilities, and philanthropic foundations to municipalities. Our expertise in myriad industries—including, but not limited to, utilities, food and beverage, natural products, outdoor recreation, professional sports and universities—grants you relevant expertise to effectively engage your stakeholders in your commitment to operating an environmentally sustainable business.